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Oct 16, 2021

A rich and daring conversation on NFTs, Metaverse and New Technology in the Art industry, a must-listen!”

From virtual runways to Augmented reality, the world is experiencing the many possibilities of merging technology into the creative industry and the possibilities are endless.

In this episode discuss about Blockchain Technology and it’s infusion into the Art world. We will be dissecting how this new system helps to bolster the revenue of creatives in this digital age.

Meet our guest speakers;

- Ahmed Partey- Twitter- @AhmedPartey  website -
- Abieyuwa Art- Twitter- @Abieyuwa website-
- Lila Polite- LinkedIn- Lila Polite; Email- 
- Philip Mostert- Twitter- @PhilipMostert    Website- - Philip Mostert


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