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Oct 16, 2021

A rich and daring conversation on NFTs, Metaverse and New Technology in the Art industry, a must-listen!”

From virtual runways to augmented reality, the world is experiencing the many possibilities of merging technology into the creative industry and the possibilities are endless.

In today’s episode, we will be talking about Blockchain Technology and it’s infusion into the Art world. We will be dissecting how this new system helps to bolster the revenue of creatives in this digital age.

In recent years, the rise of NFTs have disrupted the traditional art industry and with the help of NFT Marketplaces, DAOs and the likes, artists are now presented with a more viable means to monetize their work.

Today, I have some very special guests who will be continuing this conversation with me.

Meet our guest speakers;

- Ahmed Partey- Twitter- @AhmedPartey  website -
- Abieyuwa Art- Twitter- @Abieyuwa website-
- Lila Polite- LinkedIn- Lila Polite; Email- 
- Philip Mostert- Twitter- @PhilipMostert    Website- - Philip Mostert

(You can reach out to anyone of the guest speakers via the link above)

So let’s get started!

In today’s world, new and emerging technology such as decentralized tokenization has transformed the monetization of various forms of intellectual property (intangible) and tangible assets. That’s why the tokenization of creative assets is our main point of discourse today.

Essentially, tokenization is the conversion/transformation of tangible or intangible assets into digital units which can be assigned, transferred, that is, it can be bought or sold. Almost any asset you can think of can be tokenized, from gold to real estate to music and Art.

Tokenization has become increasingly popular in recent years and is projected to experience an increase of about 4.8 Billion US Dollars in the year 2025. NFT the abbreviated form of Non-Fungible Token

Hibbatun-Nasser : So over to you Lila , In very simple terms, can you explain what NFTs are ?

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